Think Tank


The think tank is a place of exchanges in order to share and build ideas of projects. The methodological approach used is action-research. The article 9 of the internal rules of FEMIA (FR) refers to the guidelines for the launch of thematic working groups.

So far, FEMIA management board decided to open two thematic think tanks: one on the RDI management professionalization faced to the dynamic of changes, and one on the dialogues between the scientific elites and the “civil society”.


Working groups:


- RDI management professionalization faced to the dynamic of changes: based on best practices identified, a group composed of researchers, directors of laboratory and managers has been formed to assess and propose actions to promote the professionalization of RDI managers. The first article of this group is about to come, thanks to MIRA project (Mediterranean Innovation and Research Coordination Action –, who invited people to publish an article in its Final Book.

- Dialogues between the scientific elites and the “civil society”: the role and organization of the civil society in the Mediterranean countries is said to have incredibly increased since the revolutions and is starting to become a “group of stakeholders” to take into account in the definition of new policies and funding schemes to organize the knowledge economy. This group aims at observing and understanding the relations and dialogues between the research and innovation community and this new born and growing “civil society”.